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I Spent six weeks in Egypt before spending a year in Germany. This blog covers the best summer of my life. If you are looking for my posts while I was in Germany ask me, and I'll be happy to share them but I have been asked not to share them publicly. Feel free to visit my brothers blog of his year in Germany or my new blog

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have been swimming in pools, ponds, lakes, seas, and oceans around
the world. If you have been swimming with me you know I'm the pickiest
person aside from my opa, about the water I swim in. Today I had zero
problems with the water despite it being salty, rocky, and seaweedy.
This may have been the fastest I ever entered the water ANYWHERE. Why.
The water was turquoise. I kid you not it was postcard material. The
water was cold and you couldn't stay in long because the salt burned
any open wounds and also eyes and mouth. The waves were between 5 and
10 feet and the undertow was strong but that didn't discourage us from
jumping over,under, through, and riding waves. I would not have let
little kids into the water and the lifeguards at our beach had the
same idea especially after a kid drowned two beaches away from ours
early in the day. Hearing about the death of the child put a major
damper on the day but by the end of the day it was out of our minds.

Although the waves, undertow, current, and deep water was dangerous I
knew that as a good swimmer swimming with other good swimmers that the
biggest danger to us was the sun. We swam responsibly and everyone
was fine except for a few body surfing cuts. Not all of us ce out of
the sun in as good condition. We arrived at 10 found a spot on the
beach, pitched umbrellas, laid out towels and lathered up with
sunscreen. We stayed until 5 30 so of course we got plenty of sun. I
have been burnt too many times and I wasn't about to let the
Mediterranean conquer me too so I spent limited time in the sun,
reapplied sunscreen, and covered up. It goes to show how white I am
that I still got burned but that's the Arabian sun for you. The good
thing about the sun for me? My hair changes color and people whowho
don't even know I'm a Ginger in hiding pointed out that my hair was
getting more red so hopefully that stays for a while.

We are driving along the coast now and it's a great drive because on
my right is the turquoise sea and on my left is the most barren desert
I have ever seen, the contrast is amazing. The only downside to this
is that it is so touristy. I understand the attraction to smooth white
beaches and blue water but resorts, hotels, cottages, condos, and RVs
pollute the shoreline. If you come to Egypt it's worth it to see the
medditeranean from it's beaches, just bring sunscreen....

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Heidi said...

Hi Ginger, I can imagine your hair getting that
lovely reddish sheen. But I'm glad to hear that you are being sensible. That is what I have to be at present in the scorching Hamburg sun (if you can imagine such a thing). And Berlin was even hotter.