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I Spent six weeks in Egypt before spending a year in Germany. This blog covers the best summer of my life. If you are looking for my posts while I was in Germany ask me, and I'll be happy to share them but I have been asked not to share them publicly. Feel free to visit my brothers blog of his year in Germany or my new blog

Monday, July 26, 2010

Early reflections and thank yous

For the first time since Writing my old posts I wen through and read
them again. I find do this for any particular reason other than
wanting to see what we did the first day. This brought me to a few
thoughts that I now feel like sharing. First I'm really glad that I
have been keeping this blog. It's a way for me to have the memories
that I don't actually remember at a moments notice. Part of being
glad about keeping this blog is not only my dedication but all of
yours. Never in my life did I think I could or would ever want to
write this much and I think it says even more that I'm writing on an
iPod touch. I never know how much I'm writing and I don't organize my
blog before posting. What you have been readin and what you are
reading now and will hopefully read tommorow is all stream of
conscience. I wouldn't have cared if nobody had read my blog or
commented it or nobody "followed" it because it's ultimately for
myself but I'm glad to share it with all of you. The point I am
getting at is that despite my inexperienced writing, lack of Internet
recognition, and my random posts you all still read my blog. As of
today my blog had more than 1100 hits in a month. More han half have
been from germany (thanks Raethers!) but alot have been from the
united states (thanks friends and blackman family!). All in all my
blog has been read in 11 countries and in at least 5 of those I don't
think I know anyone. I know that people stumble across websites but
I'm thankful to everyone who stumbled across it and actually read a
post. And thankful for the people who read occasionally and especially
thankful for the people who read it everyday.

I know I went of track with that but I'll get back on now. While
rereading my old posts I noticed how differently I see Cairo and the
middle east now than I did then. I've been thinking alot about what I
though in the days leading up to the trip and it's fascinating. Cairo
feels so natural to me now, I cross streets blindly, talk to people at
restaurants in Arabic, read signs in what look like heiroglyphics to
most, and eat unusual food like it's nothing. Before I came here I
expected a city not unlike new York or Berlin but now I can't picture
anything but this city. The first few days were shockingto say the
leat and there are still days when I am shocked but they are much more
sporadic. My point is that even my first posts after arriving in Egypt
now seem bogus. The impressions I got driving into this city on the
first day told me nothing about what I have seen sense. This means
alot when I look back and see how shocked I was then and how relaxed I
am now. This whole trip gives me great peace of mind that I can live
anywhere. I know I'm an adaptable person and I do not let change or
differences effect me. Every city is it's own river with it's own
twists, turns, rapids, and obstacles but the water still flows and you
just have to ride it out and adapt. Cairo has bumped me around, honked
at me, stared at me, grabbed me, confused me, gotten me lost, and much
more but I have not let it get the best of me and I know that I will
be able to say the same for any other city I visit or live in. Cairo
and Egypt are far from the worst places to live in this world but the
aspects of it can surely prepare anyone for those places.

I still have a week here and I'm not sure why I'm writing a semi
conclusive post now but it's been on my mind and needed to be
written. This isn't the last post or the next to last post Tom Egypt
or anything like that it's just a memo to myself and to all of you
that yes this place was shocking at first and that yes it got more
shocking as time went on and there are things that I will never forget
but also things I will never remember. Don't just read my blog because
my experiences are within and as much as I enjoy writing I can't write
everything I want to. I don't mind explaining to you on facebook or
via email but again I won't be as descriptive in my writing. If you
call me or talk to me in person I'll share with you as many stories as
I can. But it you want to know what I experienced and what fourteen
other Americans experienced for a month, you have to make the trip
yourself and see everything. I know it's not within everyones means
and so I share my experiences, but if it is, and you do come here,
please, do not expect a vacation. This isn't Hawaii or Florida or New
York or London, as the Egyptians would say "this is....EGYPT!!!!"
where soccer players pray on the field before games, donkeys share the
road with cars, everything is cheap, sandwhiches are sold by the
homeless, and people with brooms give new meaning to "street

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