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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The heat

So everyone I have talked to back home says that I haven't mentioned
the heat here yet so I'll do it now. IT'S HOT! It's been over 100
degrees farenheit everyday I have been here. At night it gets cooler
and the people actually go out into the streets. Georges was telling
us that because of this time is counted in nights rather than days.
Anyway it's extremely hot here but usually I avoid it by waking up at
7, going to class at 8 30, coming back home at 11 30, falling asleep
at 12 and then waking up at 4 58 in time for class at 5. This 4 hour
and 58 minute nap runs right through the hottest part of the day so
we don't feel the extreme heat unless we have an afternoon activity.
There have been a few days where we have gone out into the heat at
noon and it has not been good. I don't suggest taking naps away from
15 young adults so that they forced march through a museum in
blistering 115 degree AND humid heat. Fifteen whiny college students
is not something you see every day in the US but it goes to show what
the heat does to us here. I have gotten some sone but have avoided
being burned at all which I'm extremely proud of especially since I
haven't used sunscreen. My luck can't last though and I know that but
I'll leave it at that because I have my 8 30 morning class now.

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karen said...

It was 105° in NYC/NJ today...and HUMID. I served frozen peas for dinner, still frozen. Temps are expected to stay at or over 100° all this week!