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I Spent six weeks in Egypt before spending a year in Germany. This blog covers the best summer of my life. If you are looking for my posts while I was in Germany ask me, and I'll be happy to share them but I have been asked not to share them publicly. Feel free to visit my brothers blog of his year in Germany or my new blog

Monday, September 27, 2010


By the Way:

I've finalized my college list.

Applied to:

University of Minnesota

Applying to:

University of Oregon
Penn State 
University of Toronto


Anonymous said...

I like your choices. Tufts just came in today to talk witty IB students. They have a strong international relations program and many study abroad options. And, of course, cost the world. But it sounds like they hand out a good deal of aid.

How did you come up with the list? What were you looking for when you chose these schools? Why did these make the cut?


Jan said...

I was looking at a mix of schools from size and type but they all offer international relations or international studies majors except for University of Minnesota but they have an "independently designed interdepaprtmental major". Also most, but definitely not all, are "affordable" as much as that is a word referring to colleges nowadays.